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IA Psychotherapy

Talking, listening, uncovering and growing.

Welcome -

IA Psychotherapy

At IA Psychotherapy, I offer both short and long - term counselling and psychotherapy, depending on individual needs,

Counselling can help you to explore a problem with a view to finding other ways of managing it in the here and now.

Psychotherapy is a deeper exploration of yourself, where you might hope to understand and make meaning of the difficulties that have brought you to want to talk about yourself and about your life.

I have many years of experience in both counselling and psychotherapy. I see individual clients at my consulting room, providing a safe, comfortable and confidential environment in which to build a relationship of trust and openness. During this process, I will work with you to explore your issues, help you to gain a deeper understanding about yourself and your life. Eventually I hope you will feel less overwhelmed by problems, and become empowered to make changes.